Label Obsessed!! {Free}

One of the ways I love to keep myself and my students organized is by labeling everything.  One, there’s no guesswork, two, students learn to recognize the words and what they say {bonus} and three, I am obsessed with fonts and clipart so looking at these each day makes me happy.

 Let me take a second and explain what each label is for.  Then you can use them however you want.  😉

Take Home Folder is for our daily communication folder. 
This folder contains our homework calendar, spelling for 6 weeks at a
time, sight word lists broken into 6 week lists, calendar for the first
six weeks, lunch menu, pocket for notes from home etc.  you get the
idea.  We use plastic folders with prongs.

Math Folder keeps all unfinished math work on one side and all fast finisher {when I am done} independent work on the other side.  This holds recording sheets from math centers as well.

Math Journal label for composition book of interactive activities for the year.

These two products have all my math journal activities for the year

Poems Poem folder that holds our songs and poems for each unit of study.

Must Do Folder  This is a catch all for unfinished work.  It is yellow and we call it mustard folder for fun.  Students can keep any unfinished work here.  You can use this for all subject areas.

Writing Notebook or Work on Writing  This is a spiral notebook used during our reader’s workshop.  Only one label is needed.  Just wanted to give you options 😉

Writer’s Workshop– This is for our writing pieces during our writer’s workshop.  One side has a variety of paper the other side has our work in progress and finished pieces.

Word Work- This is for unfinished work during word work.  This can be replaced by the must do folder if you don’t want a separate folder for every subject.

Spelling A folder for your weekly spelling activities

My year of spelling and word work

Rise and Shine This label is for those that want to put the rise and shine morning work into a folder rather than a binder.  Or maybe your binder doesn’t have a clear sleeve for a cover page so you need a label.  It can also go on the spine of a rise and shine binder.

Interactive Morning Work Binder

Social Studies– A folder for your SS projects.

Science Folder A folder for your science projects.

Science Journal We keep a journal for science rather than a folder.  It houses everything. 

Truth be told, I don’t use all of these.  It’s too much!  I just wanted you to have options.  

Here’s how it works

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  1. Absolutely adorable! I label EVERYTHING in my classroom. Since some of my firsties can't read, I love having colored labels or labels with pictures so I can just say "grab the journal with the globe on it!" haha 😉


  2. thanks! i was debating full page covers or labels… found green, turquoise, black and purple notebooks (70pg/wide ruled) for 17cents!!!! at target and biglots!- and have labels from dollar tree! these will work perfectly! thank you thank you

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your labels! I absolutely love these and appreciate you explaining how you use these in your classroom. I've not had a poetry folder before; we do use poetry in the classroom. However, not consistently. Can you provide suggestions and ideas on how you setup your poetry folder in the classroom? Thanks ….

  4. I love the labels. However when I went to print them, about half lined up okay but the others were off and ended up on two different labels. Any ideas on what I can do?

    1. I am having the same problem and tried different print settings. Did you figure out how to line it up correctly?

  5. I love these!! Thank you for sharing! I moved from third to fourth so I am looking for things that I already do, but in a different way, and these might just be it! 🙂