Teacher Week Day 2 Classroom Digs!

 Since I have already shared my classroom reveal this year, I wanted to share some of the incredible classrooms in my school!  If you missed my classroom post you can click the tab above this post that says MY CLASSROOM.

 This post should be 2 million pictures long to really showcase everyone the way they deserve!

This school is just breathtaking.  We had a packed day of in-service and I ran around like a nut in between meetings snapping pictures.  I will definitely have to do a round two of this post at a later date!

This is a kindergarten classroom.  I just about died when I visited this precious reading hut! 

 I snapped this picture to show you that it is a large umbrella with the stick taken out. 

This next room is so terrific.  You know that one teacher that ALL the kids LOVE so much?  That’s our 5th grade science teacher.  She’s the coolest teacher on the planet and her scores are off the charts.  Seriously.  She is such a great teacher.  Tanner (genius boy) had her last year and  he never stopped talking about science and relating it to life.  She truly is the best teacher in the world.

Her room is upstairs in our building and although her view is breathtaking, she has so much interest in the room that you never want to leave!!

She has all sorts of pets and critters in her room.  2 hedgehogs, many hamsters,  reptiles, amphibians….
Look at this beta tank she made out of a gumball machine!  Her room is FULL of things like this.

 Here’s a teacher that should be a part time designer!  She goes all out each time they study a new topic.  FABULOUS!

 I really wanted to show you this classroom.  It is 3rd grade and it is breathtaking.  Unfortunately this teacher locks her door and she was in a meeting.  Trust me I tried to make it happen for you! 

Across the hall you will find Amy Groesbeck.  I have shared a little about her before but now you will see why I adore her so much!

In Texas we take the Star test so she has a play on words “monstars” theme. 

This room has a camping theme and it is gorgeous!
Check out the GIANT s’more bulleting board.  It’s stunning in real life!

 Look at her camping theme tool boxes on the tables!!!!  I just about died.  She has a different colored one on each of her tables.

Our whole staff is so terrific.  There is something amazing in every single room.  I will have to do a series or something to show them all.  Not only are the teachers top notch, but our admin and specials are also 100 percent into their jobs.  It’s a wonderful place to learn and grow as a teacher and a student!

To see more classroom pictures check out the linky on Bloghoppin’!


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  1. LOVED seeing all these fantastic and creative rooms. You are so lucky to work at a school like this. I would love to know more about the Monster Room and where she got all of her great signs. Thanks so much for sharing your school with us. 🙂

  2. I loved the "This Week's Focus" bulletin board. I would love to know if it is something that she sells. All the rooms are very inspiring. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow, these are absolutely amazing! I love the voice level circles and the Learning Focus Board, are these for sale on TPT anywhere?

  4. I love these classrooms, so fun and creative. I found Any G's reading posters, but have been trying to find her READ and color code your reading. Do you know where these are? Thanks for sharing!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing! Your photos are amazing! I would also love to know where to get Amy G's "READ and "Color code your reading" posters. I don't see them on TPT…

  6. Where is the reading banner and strategies from? It's the classroom where the bunting is black with little rainbow dots. That whole reading bulletin board is fabulous. Where are those from?

    1. Did you ever hear back about the reading board materials? I would love to use them in my 5th grade classroom and would be willing to pay if they're available. Please let me know! Thanks!

  7. Where do you buy the Black flags with capital letters that spell out reading, math , science , social studies?