Practice Makes Perfect?

You and I both know that perfect is not what we want at all!  Nothing is perfect!  We want improvement!  Gains!  Strides!

I have never taught a perfect day.  I always strive for better….my best. But I can’t expect my students to be perfect just as I can’t expect myself to be perfect.

Today we made great strides in learning our first grade routine.  It was bumpy, messy, but successful for sure!  Each day we practice to get better….but no more perfect!  Noticing the small things helps keep us encouraged.  One day at a time!

This week I began posting our objectives and to make my life simpler, we slide the page right into a clear pocket from oriental trading.  No cutting or stapling at all.

 editable objectives found here
One routine we have is daily review of letters and sounds!  We began with just our letter sounds and boy did I gush that my students could read a 26 page book!  #geniuses All smiles after this one!
This book is out of Flipping for Phonics.

I introduced our word work drawers.  We only practiced the first activity from the week’s drawers.  But I got them locked and loaded for the next few days of training using activities that will grow with us as we acquire new sight words weekly! 

 These activities come from 
 Reviewing Kinder Sight Words while practicing graphing!

Looking for clear spinners?  Clear Spinners Here

 Students at the writing center are digging the first activity from my Engaging Writing Activities.  Today I modeled picture Prompts and then some students tried out the writing center and didn’t want to leave!

 Flurry of creativity….

 We also checked the box for iPad Citizenship today!  Students did so well on their reader’s workshop practice, that they unlocked the iPads! (not literally but more like unlocking a level in a video game) We watched the iPad Essentials video tutorial and then broke into small groups to check our understanding!

 For our math workshop lesson we created a life sized number line!  This will be a staple in our room to introduce many new concepts!

 This goes into a tub for students to build with simple tasks to do once built.  It’s a great long lasting favorite.

 We also practiced a round of math tubs and enjoyed clip counters from Friendships and Fundamentals!

For the last hour of the day I was so thankful to have this little number!  We read two Clifford books, filled out the organizer, and wrote a Clifford shaped piece about our favorite big red dog!  We love Clifford books now! 

How is your first day, week, or month going?  Let’s remember to strive for progress NOT perfection!  It’s just been on my heart so much!  I hope I am not the only person that needs to really think on that!  Have a great week!

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  1. Reagan,
    Could you please share where to find the ABC review book that is pictured in this post? I am a K-6 reading specialist and this would be perfect for my kinders and struggling first graders for review. Thank you.
    Liz Parce
    [email protected]

  2. Are the transparent spinner from learning resources? Do they work well? The reviews I saw weren't very good, but I think they would be great if they work well.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing – it looks like you had a spectacular day! Thank you also for the reminder – progress is so much more important than perfection! I am also curious about the spinners. I have purchased many spinner activities that suggest a pencil and paper clip – but I like what you have better. Do they work well? Where are they from?

  4. Is the We will/I will new for you? We got that sprung on us 4 days before school started… I love your signs that is what I had thought about but did NOT have the time to prep it!! I am still trying to figure out/wrap my brain around them! Much less get them done for each subject EVERY day!! You are awesome!!
    Love the number line!! Do you have ideas for older (2nd grade)?

    Kickin It Whole Brain In Texas

  5. Love this post! You're right…I catch myself often wanting perfection, but gains are even better! 🙂 Thanks for sharing


  6. Happy First day!!

    The math ….is that in a unit somewhere ?!!? I have looked but its friday night ….and I cant figure it out!! Would love a link! very interested!!

    Thanks for sharing awesome-ness!!

  7. I love reading your blog! Thank you so much for all your hard work and generous spirit! I appreciate you so much. I hope you have a fantastic year!!!!

  8. I love your blog!! I am wanting to do your site word rotation and work work rotation, but I am wondering how do your different groups get to each center everyday? And what about kids that don't finish a center in the allotted time frame? Thanks!

  9. Thanks for the ideas your share here
    So far, I am looking for a source of reference on various websites
    Now I have found what I was looking for all this time
    I keep the spirit to strive to be the best, one of which is a reference from your idea that really helped me.
    Once again I want to say thank you..