Place Value Resource Round-Up

Teaching place value means teaching the value of each digit in a number.  Many grade levels begin with place value as it is a building block in the foundation of understanding.  This post will serve as a place value resource round-up for grades K-5.

Place Value Resource Round-Up

To begin, I will be following the Guided Math structure as I share different and valuable place value resources.  This means I will share how place value fits into the four components of guided math.  Math warm-up, math mini-lesson, teacher-led small groups and workstations, and lesson reflection.  Don’t fret it’s easy!  Let’s get started.

Place Value Resource Round Up

Place Value Warm-Up Ideas

Infusing place value into a warm-up is a great way to allow students to openly express understanding and connect place value to other concepts throughout the year.  Below are three examples from two different grade levels: first and fourth grades.  The discussions that would emerge from these prompts make my place value loving heart palpitate.  One connecting concept below is how first grade views a 100 grid as so many tens and so many ones while fourth grade takes that same grid and applies it to decimal understanding.  Below the pictures, I have linked digital warm-ups for all grade levels K-5.

Place value resource round up


Kindergarten Digital Warm-Ups

First Grade Digital Warm-Ups

Second Grade Digital Warm-ups

Third Grade Digital Warm-Ups

Fourth Grade Digital Warm-Ups

Fifth Grade Digital Warm-Ups

Number chats are a great way to elicit focused responses from students regarding a specific skill in a quick check format!  Once a week, I like to either project these as our warm-up or even have students complete them in a half sheet like the pictures below.


Kindergarten Number Chats

First Grade Number Chats

Second Grade Number Chats

Third Grade Math Chats

Fourth Grade Math Chats

Place Value Math Lessons

Place value lessons in the guided math structure come in the form of math mini-lessons and teacher-led small group lessons.  Both serve the purpose of building conceptual understanding and application of skills.  It is important to use models and manipulatives as you bring students from one-to-one counting to recognizing sets and groups.  In place value, of course, we begin to understand sets of tens and ones then progressing up (hundreds, thousands, etc.) and down (decimals) through the grade levels.  The guided math lessons establish concrete understanding, pictorial prowess, and finally the ability to work in the abstract.

Because place value is such an essential building block of math understanding, I am sharing it in three forms below.  Guided Math K-5, Intervention K-2, and Digital Guided Math K-3.


Kindergarten Base Ten Guided Math

First Grade Place Value Guided Math

Second Grade Place Value Guided Math

Intervention Number and Operations in Base Ten K-2


Third Grade Place Value Guided Math

Fourth Grade Place Value Guided Math

Fifth Grade Decimals Guided Math

Place Value Technology Options

Digital Guided Math is a way to add a technology component with focused practice!  Each place value eLesson mimics the guided math structure and gives students four ways to learn a skill!


Kinder Digital Guided Math Base Ten

First Grade Digital Guided Math Place Value

Second Grade Digital Guided Math Place Value

Third Grade Digital Guided Math Place Value

Place Value Workstations

Spiral review place value practice in every grade level at workstations is important through the year.  Place value plays into other math strands because it allows students to understand the value of numbers, compare numbers, quickly add and subtract large numbers, and compute multiples.  During our workstations, students will practice and apply place value skills in many formats.  Below you can see how we work in our hands-on kinesthetic workstations with place value.

place value resource round up

Kindergarten Stations by Standard Comparing Numbers

First Grade Stations by Standard Place Value

Second Grade Stations by Standard Place Value

Third Grade Stations by Standard Place Value

Fourth Grade Place Value Centers

Create Place Value Interactive Journal

Another way we work with place value in the guided math structure is to create it in our math journal station.  The create math station in my classroom is our interactive math journal.  Below you can see examples of place value.

Place Value Resource Round Up

place value resource round up

Kindergarten Numbers Notebook Comparing Numbers

First Grade Numbers Notebook Place Value

Second Grade Numbers Notebook Place Value

Third Grade Math Journal Volume 1

Fourth Grade Math Journal Place Value

Skill Pages to Refine Place Value Skills

One of our workstations is an independent practice or application station.  This ensures I can check on how students are mastering the skills being taught in our mini-lessons and small groups when working on their own.  Here are some examples of what students may do in the application station for place value.

Kindergarten Standard Practice Add & Sub and Base Ten

First Grade Standard Practice Base Ten

Second Grade Standard Practice Place Value

Third Grade Place Value Skill Pages

Fourth Grade Place Value Skill Pages

Fifth Grade Decimals Skill Pages


Final Thoughts on Place Value

Teaching place value ensures our mathematicians have an understanding of the value of each digit within a number.  This skill will grow throughout the school year.   For that reason, we teach place value, and then we spiral review place value continually.  The place value resource round-up is meant to give you options for continually practicing place value throughout the entire year.

Interested in learning more about launching guided math? Here’s a free resource to help get this structure going in your classroom!

How to Launch Guided Math


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