Writing Tool Kit Grades 3-5

The Writing Tool Kit is a versatile resource designed specifically for the 3-5 classroom.  What makes this tool kit so versatile is the way you can incorporate its components into your day!   Whether you need teacher-directed mini-lessons, or independent student station activities, you’ll find what you need!

Writing Toolkit Tunstall

Let’s Break It Down the Writing Tool Kit

First, students don’t improve in writing unless they have time to write!  So to handle this, there are 30 writing prompts that you will display digitally or place on a ring in a station.   Along with that, there’s a set of labels for a spiral, notebook, or my favorite, a composition book.  This will provide a designated place students have to write their responses.  Below you can see both a prompt projected on my computer screen, how it would be on a screen in the front of the classroom or on a tablet or laptop in a station.

Digital Writing Prompts for grades 3-5

writing tool kit for grades 3-5


Grammar activities can be fun and interactive!  Use these as independent station activities, or teacher-directed lessons.  Students interact with the materials to practice proper grammar.  Plus the answer key makes checking for students or teacher EASY!

interactive grammar activities writing toolkit 3-5


To teach and reinforce grammar concepts, there are 15 different note-taking entries sized for a composition book.  These provide a record of learning which students can refer back to when working through the station activities independently.

writing journal


Writing Topics

Sometimes students struggle to self-start.  We handle this by providing 24 topic cards with inspiring clipart, while also following those up with a word list which turns the idea into a solid plan for writing.

writing topic cards writing toolkit grades 3-5

Templates for Writing

Because not every writing piece is an informal composition book type of writing piece, there are writing template pages included.  Take your students through the writing process or lead them through a formal writing piece using any template you need!

writing paper templates

Writing Rubrics

Organize and assess with ease!  These extensive, yet simple-to-use rubrics, will clarify and pinpoint grading writing.  Simply check the boxes in each category to determine the level and determine the overall score.

writing rubrics 3-5

Writing Toolkit Resource

Do you need the K-2 CounterPart?

If you need a writing station solution for K-2, I have just the resource!  Head on over to read about the Writing Station Suitcase!

writing station suitcase k-2

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  1. Please email me directly with your response. What exactly do I purchase from Michaels? Does the suitcase come with the colored “cassette-style” boxes? What is the order number for the right size suitcase and small colored storage boxes for this Writing Station Suitcase set? Thank you so much for your help with this.