Number Sense Workstations K-2 and 3rd

What a whirlwind it has been!  I have had the privilege of visiting new schools and conference events every week for the last 5 weeks straight.  This morning I am writing to you from the San Antonio airport as I head to Missouri!  I love meeting teachers from all over the U.S.  It’s incredible how similar we all are in nature and need!

One of the needs that has surfaced is for workstations that are aligned by math strand.  Especially those that can be taught at any time of the school year.  Thus, I am happy to share that I now have Stations by Standard just for you.  First in this new series is number sense workstations for K, 1, 2.  For third grade, we jump right in to place value to start.  Feel free to jump down to the overview on your grade level K-3rd or take a peek at all three grade levels!

Kindergarten Numbers 0-10

Let’s kick things off with a peek at the Kindergarten unit.  This one focuses on numbers 0-10!  In fact, there are 15 different workstations for your needs.

Number Sense Stations

Kindergarten Numbers 0-10 Stations by Standard


First Grade Number Sense Workstations

Each grade level has 15 activities to fill your workstations.  Meanwhile, providing quality activities to build that foundation for your students.  First grade takes a close look at number sense to 20.  Some activities go well beyond 20 for those who are ready.  These stations make starting the year off easy and fun!  Students are able to complete the activities with success.  This helps build confidence as you bring them to the next level of understanding.

Number Sense Stations

First Grade Number Sense Stations by Standard


Second Grade Number Sense Workstations

In the second grade number sense workstations, we are reviewing those essential understandings of number sense but bridging the way to place value by expanding our range of number to 1,200! We will also devote time to place value, but this gives students the opportunity to work independently on a larger range of numbers and to gain confidence in their understandings as we move into place value.

One of my favorite ways to kick off the school year as a second-grade teacher was launching the 1,200 club!  Students work their way through writing their numbers to 1,2o0.  Each check mark was a celebrated accomplishment.  This served as a perfect extra activity for students to pull out during those first few weeks when we are still training and adjusting to our school day.

Second Grade Stations by Standard

Stations by Standard

The K-2 Stations by Standard all have 9 units to cover all the math strands for that particular grade level’s standards.  Each unit contains 15 activities all focused on that math strand.  Use these for independent workstations, small group activities, whole group lessons, or as a supplemental activity.  These workstations fit into the guided math block as a compliment to the guided math lessons and activities.  If you are tied to a curriculum or scope and sequence with your school, you can use these activities as a supplement to enhance your math block!  They can be taught in any order.

number sense stations

Third Grade Centers for the Year

The third grade centers for the year along with Stations by Standard third grade align to the third grade Guided Math series.  Teach them in any order to enhance your school or district scope and sequence or teach the entire guided math series and centers to create your own standards-based instruction!

If you are looking for more information and lessons for Guided Math, be sure to check out THIS POST for K-2 and THIS POST for 3rd.

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