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You may have heard about my complete management shift for running math workstations during a challenging school year. I have shared this story in our full-day Guided Math Workshop and the Guided Math AMPED book. Whether you’ve heard it or not, I am sure you can relate to a time when a system or way of running things once worked very well for you with one class but did not with another.  I’ll skip to the good part: out of the turmoil of a tough year came a much-improved system, and a Math STACK Workstation free download linked below.


While we love to use this system digitally with students, we also love a good organization plan and math workshop labels.  If you can relate, grab the Math STACK Workstations free download for yourself. Here’s a reel that shows how I organize materials for the Math Workstations set-up. Further down in this post, you can see it printed in a different color scheme.


You may be curious to know what is included in the Math STACK Bundle, so we also have a free download for that!  Each grade level K-5 has its own Math STACK BUNDLE, and this free download shares What is Included in the Math STACK Bundle.

Here, you can see another set-up for Guided Math STACK using bright colors. Grab the free How to Launch Guided Math to get any of this going in your classroom.

Math STACK Workstations

STACK freebie


Below, you can find the links to all the workstations and the Instructional materials for guided math mini-lessons and teacher-led small groups.

Guided Math Organization

Kindergarten Math STACK

First Grade Math STACK

Second Grade Math STACK

Third Grade Math STACK

Fourth Grade Math STACK

Fifth Grade Math STACK

Where Do I Start?

Below we have linked four posts to help you design a new and improved math block!

How to Foster Independence during Math Workstations

Level Up Your Math Block

Guided Math Schedules

Back to School Math Workstations

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