Interactive Math Games

interactive math games

This blog post is all about providing self-checking interactive math games for your math block!  It’s not always easy finding the right apps or games to support your math instruction.  I wanted to provide a solution to this problem by creating interactive math games that you can run on any interactive whiteboard, computer, or handheld device!

Interactive Math Games

technology math games

Use these games as a whole group math warm-up, independent student math station, or fun end of day wrap-up! These games are versatile and meant to help you teach and reinforce important math skills in a highly engaging format!

interactive math games

How It Works

You don’t need any special software to use these games in your classroom.  These games run on Microsoft PowerPoint!  You can play them on any device that has PowerPoint.  To test the games, I quickly added PowerPoint to my daughter’s tablet and then just downloaded the game and began to play!  These games are classroom tested and teacher approved!

Baking Up Teen Numbers


About the Games

We know that young math learners need repetition to build automatically and fluency with their math thinking.  The 5 games in each skill set are different from each other and keep interest high.  For the place value unit pictured in this post, there are 5 different place value games.  Each game focuses on a different range of numbers.

The games were created by a teacher for a teacher.  They have the needs of the students in mind while also keeping dear teacher sane.  The games are self-checking.  Students click answers and instantly hear sound effects and see visuals that tell them if this is correct or incorrect.   There is a replay feature which allows the game to reset automatically.  Students can play as many times as needed until they master the skill!  No need to exit or restart.  It’s very user friendly.  Another feature that I really wanted to have is a fail-safe for teacher.  Students can not “mess it up” on accident by getting….ahem…click happy.  Oh come on, there’s always at least 1 click happy little one in the bunch.

Special Delivery

Students click the mailbox that matches the tens and ones.  If correct, the letter will fly into the mailbox!



Place Value Power 

If students click the correct light they get a green check, but if they click the incorrect light, the light goes OUT with a high voltage sound!  Students try to keep the lights on throughout the game!


In the game below, students are clicking two ducks that equal the sum of ten together.


Poppin’ Up Tens

Students click the two popcorn kernels that make ten!


Sums to Ten Interactive Math Games

Interactive math games

Place Value to 120 Interactive Math Games


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  1. I love EVERYTHING you do. I am fan =-) You inspired me.. I teach kindergarten bilingual,
    Math is in english and the resources that I use are the ones I purchased from you. Once in a while I do create my own math activities based on my student’s need. But now you do have it all I just need to search for you =-) When I give training and mentor other teachers I encouraged them to follow you. Your guided math, centers and interactive math games are awesome!! Thank You so much!!

    Att. Sandra

  2. This is just a question I am pondering since I am struggling with this. Do you have a morning meeting/calendar time every morning? How do you have time for that and begin your reading center rotations?

  3. Do you have interactive math games for the I Pad with second graders in mind?
    Do you have the sequence cards for I Pad use for sale?

  4. I would LOVE to order these games but my school does not have power point and I am not allowed to add it. Is there a way I can still use your awesome resource for my smart board?