Sight Words and Fluency Phrases Booklets

The second set of sight words and fluency phrases booklets are complete.  You can now track your student’s sight word knowledge up to 1000 Fry’s words! Want to put in a custom list of words and phrases?  There’s an editable template in the set too!


The second set includes booklets 6-9 which is Fry’s words 600-1000.  According to Fry’s list, the words are equal to 100 words per grade level.   So list 100 would be kinder and first grade.  List 2, second, and so on.   I know as a teacher, I had students that could read well outside their grade level range!  This a way to push even those high flyers while using the same system as those that need to stick with the range meant for their grade level.


If you missed the first set, you can see the blog post here.  In that post, I explain the process of tracking the words.  Booklets 1-5 on the left below are the first 500 Fry’s words.  Booklets 6-9 on the right.



This picture is inside booklet 8.  Students read down the list and then on the back they read phrases with the words included in them.


This is a picture of the inside of booklet 7.


Tracking Info



If you are looking for fun ways to get your students to practice their words, you can read the following post:

Making Sight Words Stick!



Sight Words and Fluency Phrases Words 1-500

Sight Words and Fluency Phrases Words 600-1000


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  1. I’ve been using your first set as intervention for my strugglers. It is a fantastic tracking tool and my students are learning and retaining soon much more. Thanks!

    1. No I don’t have this is dolch. I included an editable template so you can make your own if you like to do things like that. 🙂

  2. Do you time students? Or do they move on when they read the words without any mistakes?
    THANKS! I’m excited to start using them!

    1. It needs to be automatic so if they are sounding out I will not count it. Every kid is different of course but I give a quick 1,2 in my head as they go down the list. If they take longer than 2 to 3 seconds on more than 1 word, I would hesitate to push them forward. 🙂

  3. I remember using these 15 years ago- exact same resource I got for free from a website- I had the master copies for years and they were lost in a move to another elementary school. Great resource. Too bad it’s no longer free!

  4. I have used these booklets for the past 3 years and my students love them. In my special education classroom, I have 1 student who finished all of the books already this year, and several others will finish before the end of the year. Thank you for making these booklets, they have made a big difference with my students.