Rainbow Acrostic

rainbow acrostic

The first time I ever hosted an open house in the spring as a teacher, we filled the top of our classroom with Rainbow Acrostic Clouds for each student.  For the next 15 years, I continued this tradition while refining the process.  When we first made them in the late ’90s, I had a teacher’s aide.  Those were the days!  My aide sat in the hall outside my classroom and stuffed 3D paper clouds.  Oh, how I wish I could have those helpful hands back to put towards actual instruction.   I digress…

Rainbow Acrostic

Here’s an example where I used my name as an example.   About 8 years ago, this was the sample I made.  It was one of the projects we completed in April for poetry month and then kept up for open house.

Rainbow Acrostic

I couldn’t keep up with making all of the clouds every year, so I made it easier on myself in more recent years.  I also switched to using Astrobrights for the fun pop of pastel brights.



The Rainbow Namebows as the students affectionately called them were a bright cheerful display.  Students and parents had the assignment of coming up with a descriptive word for each letter in the child’s name together.  I send home an explanation and the page for students and parents to complete.  Once they return, I make it a station for students to write out their Rainbow Acrostic in the correct rainbow order.  This new process is much more student-focused and appropriate.  



Strict fire marshal? No problem, you can place them on the window, cabinets, or a traditional bulletin board too! For the floating clouds, it’s an easy process.   I have had the same spool of fishing line for 20 years now.  I tie the fishing line to a paperclip and then insert it up between the ceiling tiles to create the floating clouds.

rainbow acrostic


To get the rainbow namebow acrostic assignment sheet and instructions, you can click HERE.

rainbow namebow rainbow acrostic


To see more writing ideas, click HERE to see how we write through the year.  You can even see our acrostic rainbows in the back of the room full of our writing.

rainbow namebow


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