Teaching Coins, Data, and Graphing!

When it comes to teaching coins, data, and graphing, I find that student interest is HIGH!  Students get excited about touching money, counting money, and of course spending money too!  I have a few tricks up my sleeve I would love to share to help you “capitalize” on teaching coins, data, and graphing too.  (hee hee)

First up, break out the coins at all times.  Just because we are doing a printable in small group, does not mean we need to put away the manipulatives!  I have students spot the pennies and then cover them.  When they finish they count the amount and write it at the top!

This happens for all the coins.

Of course you can’t learn about money without playing store a few times….

Do this whole group at the pocket chart…

Then in small group together!  This allows you to monitor and assist!

One of my go to small group lessons is called “Scoop and Graph”.  This can be done with any sort of manipulative all through the year.  Students scoop, sort, and graph on the table.  They have to tell all about their graph and then ask 2 questions like how many more nickels than quarters.

When students are ready, have them write the totals for each type of coin.  It amazes them everytime that pennies is always tallest, with the smallest value.

I have a lot of printable practice on coins.  After using the math money at the small group table, these are the perfect independent practice.


Both of the games below help students practice and apply naming and counting coins.  They collect what they land on and at the end count up their savings.


Tying together our learning about coins, work on income, spending vs. saving and needs vs. wants!

Data and Graphing is one of my favorite math areas to teach.  So much of what we do with graphing is about ourselves.  Student interest is high once again!

For our whole group lessons during the unit of graphing, students participate in many class graphs!  What we do with each graph helps us be sure to cover all of our standards!

At the small group table (or in centers) there are many graphing activities to help students apply what they are learning!




These activities are just a part of all the fun to be had during unit 7 of my guided math units!   Click the picture below to see unit 7 Coins, Data, and Graphing.

To see all the units complete with lesson plans and materials for your whole group, small group,  warm-ups, and assessments, just click the picture below!


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