Interactive Notebooks and Young Learners

Today I am joining in on a blog hop about interactive notebooks!  In the beginning I was a reluctant convert to interactive notebooks, but have come full circle!  I adore the benefits that our interactive journals provide in my first grade class!  This post highlights what I feel are the most important parts of interactive notebooks in the primary age student.

The pictures above came from my monthly interactive math journals.
For more information on interactive notebooks, check out the blogs below by clicking on the graphic!

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  1. We have started using your Monthly Interactive Journals and are LOVING them!! Love the idea about creating variety with colored paper. Thanks so much for such a wonderful product. They are very easy to follow and so engaging! 🙂

  2. I'm so glad I caught this on my bloglovin feed. I LOVE using IN's with my students, and what I enjoy most is the fact that we can return to previous learning to reinforce concepts too. Plus, when you meet with parents, you can show to them what we've spent time learning. Great evidence of thinking.

  3. Any tips on how to keep students from using too much glue? (We only use bottle glue.) I have tried IN's before and was frustrated with sticky pages. However I really want to make it work! Suggestions please!!!!

    1. Kelli, In my classroom we only use white glue as well, so to keep the pages from sticking together I give each child a sheet of wax paper to put in the book when they close it. The extra glue is no longer a problem!


  4. LOVE interactive notebooks!! I like to use stick glue for placing items in the books but the kiddos like it too lol!! Teaching them to use just enough takes a little time but they get it! Love to have our science / social studies notebooks to send home at the end of the year! They are so proud of them and all that they learned in second grade. Also a great reminder to me that, yes, we did cover those standards!
    Kelly Hearts 2nd

  5. i have a notebook for each "subject!" although my teams list went out before i saw it so my kids only came with 2 notebooks 🙁 boo! lol luckily i had a small stash still.

  6. I have a brand new love of interactive notebooks! The kids are TOTALLY loving them for literacy, math, and science and they are so completely engaged every time we use them! We're using one of your math sets and I am so thankful!! Happy kids, happy teacher! ♥

  7. I love the idea of interactive notebooks and want to include them in our children's church program. Do you have ideas?

  8. This is really a great way to teaching young children. It gives them the ability to be creative and learn at the same time. This works best I find with children on the elementary school level. As a former Paraprofessional I love reading stuff like this. Very informative and enlightening. Great blog post. Have a splendid day.