Fraction Math Mats

Fraction math mats support understanding of fraction concepts, models, and computations. Students will use manipulatives, drawings, or numbers to represent and compute varied fraction skills.

Fraction Math Mats

Fraction math mats are perfect for deepening understanding during mini-lessons, teacher-led small groups, RTI and intervention time, and as math stations.

100 Scaffolded Fraction Math Mats

From building and representing fractions to adding and subtracting mixed number fractions with uncommon denominators, we take you each step of the way! We have 100 scaffolded fraction mats to support learning targeted at third through fifth grades.

Below, you can see the scaffolded progression of representing equivalent fractions on a number line.

First, students will use fraction tiles to find and represent equivalent fractions.

Next, students will write the fractions and use the fraction tiles to help space out the correct number of equal spaces on the number line. Finally, students can label the number line.

When ready, students can draw and label fractions on a number line without the assistance of the manipulatives.

How To Use

Each fraction mat has the skill listed on the top left. At the bottom of each mat are guiding steps for completing the skill. These scaffolded steps provide a breakdown of the procedure involved in completing the skill.

From simple to complex, each skill has numerous mats to provide plenty of practice.

Recommended Materials

Below, are the recommended manipulatives to enhance the use of the fraction math mats. Each image is linked to Amazon and will open in a new tab so you don’t lose your place on this post. The links provided are affiliate links, meaning I will receive a small compensation for sharing them. It does not affect the price of the items.

Hands-on Fraction Activities

Keep the fraction learning going with engaging hands-on station activities. This post shares our fraction materials for grades 3-5. These are perfect for Guided Math student workstations or teacher-led small group activities.

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