Monthly Classroom Slides For Teaching

Our new series of monthly classroom slides for teaching provides a solution to transitions, behavior, morning meetings, lesson reflections, stations, and more. From welcoming students in, celebrating birthdays, and providing daily structure to sending students home with reminders, homework, and a learning reflection, we have it covered every month!

Monthly Classroom Slides for Teaching Bundle

Monthly Classroom Slides for Teaching

We have enough to keep up with each day. Monthly Classroom Slides make the mundane marvelous. Whether it is a transition, an objective, a class meeting, reminders, behavior incentives, workshop time, or even a brain break, you can just put up the prompts and be ready to go. Students love the monthly themes, and variety keeps engagement high. There are options in each monthly set, so you can make each day different.

Monthly Classroom Slides August and September

A Closer Look at Monthly Classroom Slides for Teaching

One of my favorite things about the monthly slides is the behavior incentive slides. Each month, you’ll have interactive slides to promote good behavior in the classroom and around the school. Below, you can see a portion of the Cupcake Compliments slide. When the class receives a compliment from you or other staff around the school, drag a cupcake into the pan. When the pan is full, the reward is earned!

Monthly Classroom Slides for Teaching

Classroom Climate in Engaging Classroom Slides

Reflection slides are another favorite each month. Wrap up a lesson, subject area, or the whole day with fun prompts that change every month.  Provide structure to class meetings, promote friendship, positivity, and milestones using these classroom slides.

Classroom Set up and Back to School

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