Skills Check Math Assessments

New to our line of math resources are Skills Check Math Assessments.  They are exactly what you need to quickly check for understanding or assess student learning. They can be used as one-skill assessments, exit tickets, homework, RTI, or to help reteach in small groups. These quick checks can help you focus math instruction and pace to student need.

Skill Check Math Assessments

Skills Check was designed to provide a quick skills assessment on math acquisition. Easily assess whether students have mastered each standard by itself. Use the information from the Skills Check to provide more targeted instruction in your lessons.

  • 45 quick, short math assessments
  • Printable or digital formats included
  • Skills Check checklist
  • List of Standards covered

A list of standards covered is provided in order to track which students have mastered each skill or standard. Perfect for both regular classroom use as well as RTI and math intervention use.

Below, click on your grade level to read more about the skills check math assessments for you! You’ll find the list of skill checks and a quick link to just your grade level.

Kindergarten Skill Check Math Assessments

To begin, you’ll find a list of standards covered for Kindergarten.  Then there will be 45 skill checks to carry you through the entire year of content quick assessments.  You can print these out from the PDF or you can push out the images to your digital learners.

Kinder Math skill check


kindergarten skill check math assessments

First Grade Skill Check Math Assessments

Likewise, in first grade, we have the same format.  A list of standards covered followed by 45 skill checks ready to print or send out digitally.Skill Check First Grade Math Assessments First Grade Skill Check Math Assessments

Second Grade Skill Check Math Assessments

Second Grade Skills Check resource provides 45 standards-based quick assessments to make it easy to progress monitor or provide focused skill instruction.

Second Grade Quick Math Checks Math Skill Checks

Third Grade Skill Check Math Assessments

Third Grade Skills Check provides 45 standards-based quick assessments and answer keys to make it easy to assess any single skill quickly and accurately.

Third Grade math skill check

third grade math skills checkthird grade math skills check

End of Year Cumulative Review and Assessment

For a cumulative review and assessment, be sure to read THIS POST on our end-of-year digital review for all grade levels.

end of year review 10 math review resources

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