Math Milestones

Math Milestones is a free resource developed out of a need I heard from teachers across the nation:  “What happens if a child doesn’t have that skill?”  This compilation of research assists teachers in knowing the math development of students from birth to upper elementary.  Math Milestones

Mathematical Gaps

Now more than ever it is important to juggle new content with filling in mathematical gaps.  In order to know where our students need us most, I created math Milestones. Each age range has been given a name and a symbol to help organize the information into sets. For each age range, you will find math milestones and the strategies most needed and used. Further, you will find general information on helping students who struggle.  There is also a section on the traits of a mathematician, common areas of struggle, and how to make math more inclusive.

The thoughts, ideas, and data displayed here are not an exhaustive list, however, does aim to provide comprehensive resources to better serve children in the area of mathematics.  The ideas presented here are from the research of talented teachers, educators, and researchers as well as first-hand experience working with children of all age and grade levels in and out of the classroom.

Math Strategies

Another post that may interest you and is closely related to Math Milestones, is all about Math Strategies.  These two concepts go together!  Math Strategies

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