CENTER of Attention!

I came back from vacation with determination to hit our standards from every angle for every minute of the day! I just adore these eager fresh 6 and 7 year old little minds!

For three weeks now we have been warming up with our Flipping For Phonics books!  From my struggling readers to my advanced, there are perfect fit books to help create automaticity with decoding and sound spellings.

This week in small group, I have taken some of our time to work with my kids on scrambled sentences.  Next week I will put them in the word work for independent practice.

I also introduced contractions.   The snowman format really helped with the more complex concept of contractions.  We had a lot of light bulb moments on this small group game. 

 While we were gaining momentum in small group, the rest of the class was busy with reader’s workshop centers around the room.

 Snowman antonyms

 Counting Syllables

We didn’t waste any time in math either!  In math tubs we are spiraling objectives previously learned like comparing equations.

and comparing numbers from 1-120 using comparison symbols.

To further our comparing of numbers, we started our first math stick activity least to greatest.

 Our whole group and small group focus this week has been 2D shapes.  In our small group, we have been working on shape names, attributes, and how we can rotate shapes to fit within other 2D shapes.

 I used my cards from Hands on Common Core to give my students a task.  They would figure out the answers and tell me using shape names and geometric language.

 We began using our Winter Math Journal Activities for our math journals during rotations.

 We LOVE our math journals!!!

I have to tell you at the center of all the reading and math happenings this week, has been my new amazing power point timer.  I discovered it reading Principals Principles.  As the power point plays, the image in the center of the circle appears.  When the image is complete, a sound will play and the wheel rotates!  It’s been such a great way to bring a new level of accountability to our workshop times.  To check out the timer post you can click the picture below!

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  1. Have the phonics books in my cart right now- they have been on my wish list for a while 🙂 Question: did you laminate them before binding? I have the binding coils to make them into books, which will be easy to do.
    Thanks bunches!
    Shar W.