Classroom Tour 2013-2014

It’s reveal time and I am excited to take part!  This year I started from scratch.  New School, New Room, Blank Slate!!!

This is in the hall outside my room.  We have a narrow long strip of gray board.  I didn’t even paper it!  I made these frames from home depot yard sticks and added ribbon and half a craft apple to each one.  Student pictures will hang here after the first day.


Standing at the doorway looking in

Standing at the doorway and looking to your left.

Carpet area/Whole group lessons

Carpet area details

Standing in the carpet area facing the right side of the room.

Word Wall, Math Wall and Math Storage

 Did you notice this fantastic table?!  It’s my new favorite thing!!!

 My brother made it.  It has a lip to hold pieces and the surface is whiteboard!!!!  Ridiculously amazing for a classroom.  

{Build It Center is from FUNdamentals and Friendships math and literacy unit}

 I may have played with it as I was setting up.  I had to try it out!  So excited.

Here is the reference wall behind the math area. 

Our classroom library

 Standing in the back looking towards the door.

 Back left corner:  Small group table and writing center.

 Now the right hand side of the room from the back

Thanks for coming over!

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  1. Absolutely amazing classroom! Really, fabulous job. Welcoming, fun, friendly, organized and not overly stimulating for ASD kids. Bet it makes you smile just to look at it 🙂

  2. I really do LOVE your classroom set-up and decor. I am also a fan of all of the items you make/sell. Your classroom looks so large; what are the dimensions?

  3. Wow! Oh how I love your room! AMAZING! Your students and new staff are so lucky to have you! Have a wonderful start to the new year!

  4. Your classroom is beautiful! I love how welcoming it is! In our Board, we are not allowed to bring in our own carpets, etc. It all has to be Board issued. However, I am thinking that adding some little lamps, and plants, or some stools would make a big difference! Thanks for the inspiration!


  5. Your room is absolutely amazing! I am obsessed with the calm serenity of it all! Your students sure are lucky!!

    Christy from over at acupcakeformyclassroom.blogspot 🙂

    1. Just and FYI – My children's book about bullying was just released on and Barnes and It's called A BUG AND A WISH. Thought you'd want to know. Thanks!

  6. Your brother made the coolest table ever!! I bet he could make a fortune marketing them to teachers.
    Your room is gorgeous…very organized and pretty!!

  7. I was wondering about the picture frames you made. Did you cut them to size or did home depot cut them? Also, I too, was wondering about the carpet. Where did you get it? It's a great size!
    [email protected]

  8. Beautiful! I love the frames you made, the pillows (including that fabric that looks like the pages of a coloring book, half colored- where did that come from?!), and that table! AMAZING!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Blooming In First

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  10. What an inspirational classroom! Any student learning there must feel incredibly special. Sharing on the "we teach" facebook page and my pinterest Board to inspire others. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I'm not sure if you'll get all the way through the 60 comments before me, but…your room is AWESOME just like everything else you post! Could you give some more information about the chairback organizers? I usually don't like these, but yours are very sleek and cute. Thanks! Keep sharing!

  12. Love the new classroom… I just miss the wall colors from your old classroom, made it so homey! However, you did a beautiful job in this one… love it!

  13. I notice that you do not have a desk. Could you do a post talking about your choice to get rid of a traditional "teacher desk" and how that works for you in your classroom?

  14. HI Reagan!!
    THANK YOU for sharing your classroom!!!! it is amazing…and beautiful!! I am redesigning my classroom and am looking for a rug, JUST LIKE YOURS, or at least with the same pattern, that has a high enough fire rating. We have found them at Target, but they are not allowed at our school because of the fire rating! BOO!! Can you share where you got your rug… or if this is a problem in your district? THANK YOU AGAIN!!! Katie 🙂

  15. Really neat room. Love how everything is colour co-ordinated. Do you have no windows in your class?? Every time I look at organising in American classrooms I can never see any windows. Seems rather strange to me……as we have large opening glass doors and many many windows.