Read and Match Pocket Chart Cards

One of my favorite activities each week during guided reading was our read and match station.  Students were introduced to a phonics pattern each week for our spelling program. (we most recently used FUNdations)  In order for my students to practice decoding and applying that new phonics pattern, I created a set of read and match cards for all the phonics patterns.  Usually I used these cards three ways.  First as a whole class reference when introducing and reviewing our phonics/spelling pattern of the week.  Second, as an independent station that students went to with a partner, and third,  I had an extra set of each pattern to be able to pull out at the guided reading table for students that needed a more supported chance to decode and match.

At the pocket chart during guided reading.


At the guided reading table students are decoding and then finding the picture to match the word they just read.


The great news is that you may already own these!  If you own The Big Phonics Bundle, I have added all the updated read and match sets in one folder so you can find them easily!  Just download the bundle again from your purchases.  Some of the phonics sets did not have read and match pictures because there was limited clip art at the time that I made them.  Now they all have read and match cards!  I made sure to update every phonics set.

The cards remain a station for the week.  I also created a set of recording sheets if you like students to write down their work during stations.

This is what they look like close up.  Having the picture separate from the word ensures that students must decode the word.



Each set of read and match cards look like this.


Slide1 (4)

Inside, you will find all the read and match cards for the phonics patterns.

Vowel Teams ou ow oa


These are the sets of read and match.  If you want all of them for a discount, you may want to check out The Read and Match Bundle.


Short Vowels cvc

Slide1 (7)
Double Final Consonants zz ss ll ff

Slide1 (2)


Word Endings- ing ang ong ung ick ack ock uck ink ank onk unk

Slide1 (3)


Long Vowels cvce

long vowels cvce


Vowel Teams ai ay au aw



Soft C Soft G


Slide1 (5)


Digraphs- sh th ch wh phSlide1 (6)


R controlled- ar or er ir urSlide1 (7)


Initial Blends- l blends, r blends, s blends


Vowel Teams ie igh -y

Slide1 (8)


Vowel Teams ew ue oo oi oy
Slide1 (5)

Vowel Teams ee ea -y

Slide1 (3)

Read and Match The Bundle

Slide1 (2)

Remember, if you already own The Big Phonics Bundle you now own these updated cards!  They are in one folder by phonics pattern so you can easily access them.

bundle pic blogHappy Decoding!!!

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  1. Buy these!!! I have bought so many things on TPT but this bundle is by far the most used item in my classroom. It doesn’t matter what reading series you use or if you don’t have one, this will give you all the phonics skills your first grade students need. Thank you Reagan!!!

  2. I’ve purchased most of these sets. I didn’t purchase the Bundle since I had already purchased some sets. Will the updated cards be available for those of us that have purchased the sets individually? Love the new picture cards.