We’ve all Gone MAD!

We’ve all gone MAD…scientist at our school!  Today was science day!  Every teacher in every grade pre-K- 5th grade experimented on with their students!

 First Stop Mixtures and Solutions:
Second Grade


 Pumpkin Science in Third Grade:
Pumpkin Dissection

 Pumpkin Bread

 Mr. Herzog and Mrs. Moon                                  Mrs. Fermin

Fourth Grade: 
Gak Lab
States of Matter
 (I didn’t get to see much of fourth grade due to my schedule!) 

 First Grade:
Spider Science
And Frankenworms
 Practicing the Scientific Method

 Fifth Grade:
Laser Challenge Light Lab
reflection, transmission, and absorption of light
Measuring Volume Lab
 rainbow of colors test tubes

Magic Moves
Sink or Float
 Hocus Pocus Stir
Color Lab


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  1. Wait just a minute!! Are you telling me that your whole school does a fun rotation thing?????? Do the first graders get to go to other grade levels' classrooms and vice versa?????

  2. My team mates and I love the Mad Science ideas. We tried Frankenworms with our first graders, but it didn’t work.
    Do you have exact measurements for us to try or any other suggestions?

    1. Oh no! I haven’t done it in years, but it definitely worked. I don’t know exact measurements.