The Lit Kit

The Lit Kit

This summer has been a whirlwind of fun and excitement!  I enjoyed spending time presenting in Oklahoma, Texas, and Orlando! In just one more day I will be off to Vegas for another fun-filled trip and 6 more presentations!  The best part is connecting with YOU!  I love meeting teachers from all over and hearing about triumphs and struggles!  I always love to be honest about my teaching experiences in my presentations.

I am so thankful to be beyond my 4 classroom walls because it allows me the privilege of listening to your concerns and struggles and helping to come up with solutions that make both students and teachers stronger and better!  I have learned so much about what weighs heavy on our minds as a group, and what our comfort levels are as well.  Nothing thrills me more than seeing those heads nodding in agreement when I am vulnerable about my own experiences and how I was able to problem solve.  We are in this together!

One of the areas that I have gotten a lot of requests for is literacy!  Through the last year, I have rolling on past one item on my to do list time and again. With the help of one of my best friends, Kristina,  The Lit Kit has finally been created!  It’s everything we always wanted in our own classrooms to kick off the first month of literacy concepts and learning!  Plus we have mapped out the entire rest of the year too!

(Check out Kristina on her blog and in her TpT store!)

The Lit Kit

After listening to your printing and ink struggles, we knew top priority would be to make a printer friendly resource that doesn’t break the bank!  Everything in this unit is black and white with just a touch of color on the centers titles.   Bring the centers to life with colored paper or print on black and white!  The lit kit addresses your literacy needs by covering both Common Core and Texas Teks!  Beyond the standards, it is made by two teachers that know just what is needed at the beginning of the year for our students’ literacy needs.  This first month of school is so full of training, repetition, and expectations.  The activities chosen for August and September are high engagement and high support so you can focus on management and let the lit kit handle the standards!

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The Standards

The August and September Lit Kit covers 14 standards across reading literature, foundational skills, informational text, language, writing, and speaking and listening.  It truly is the all in one!  Use it in small group, whole group, read alouds,  literacy centers, and literacy journals!    Each standard addressed comes with a student friendly I can poster.   The target grade level is first grade.  There is a lot of overlap in the standards from K-2, so we know this would still benefit all three grade levels with our classrooms being so full of such a variety of learners.

The Lit Kit

lit kit

Literacy Centers

Enhance your whole group or small group time!  Use the 10 literacy centers at the pocket chart or the small group table for engaging instruction!  Some of the centers included in this month’s lit kit can be extended over several weeks because they address the short vowels!  Focus on one short vowel at a time or put them all out for the perfect review of skills when your students are ready!  Blending, phonemic awareness, and word study are a big part of The Lit Kit!  We all know how important reading is to our daily routine!

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So many times we want to push back comprehension skills for a more mature time of the year, but we have included some simple comprehension helpers for both teacher and students!  You are the best model of what a good reader looks like!  We have built in activities for you to model as you read aloud to your students.  These activities can then be taken over by your readers in small group or in partner reading as you get into your guided reading groups!


With scaffolded help, students can respond to different types of literature right from the beginning!  Start building those great habits from the first month of school and continue to refine and extend the standards and rigor month by month!  For a very supported  response to literature, these flip books make it easy! Just print, fold, and staple! No cutting!  You can do one section a day for a week as you dive into a fantastic book, or go right through each section in one lesson!  It’s meant to fit the needs of your own learners.

The Lit Kit

Your students will love listening to you model self-monitoring skills with the different sets of self-checking sticks!


Learn some fun techniques to keep students accountable for their thinking and connections during stories!

lit kit

lit kit comprehension

The Lit Log

Along with the lessons comes a record of student learning.  To help create well rounded students, we grabbed the opportunity to help students create a record of their learning!  Not only do students develop much needed fine motor skills, but they also take tremendous pride in their own literacy journals!  Connect centers work and whole group lessons to independent practice!  (Lit Log labels included!)

The Lit Kit

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If you are thinking The Lit Kit just might help fit your needs you can check it out by clicking the picture below, or by clicking right HERE.


You can grab the growing bundle of the Lit Kit for a discount HERE!

I hope to see you in Vegas in a couple of days!  If that’s not happening for you, then let’s connect online! If you would like to join my Tunstall’s Teaching Group on Facebook just leave a request by clicking here!  It’s a great group of supportive educators from around the country and we would love to have you there too!

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  1. Thank you for all of your great stuff! I have already purchased Guided Math and Centers/Journals/Printables. I am considering this Lit Kit as well but have a few questions.

    What other types of comprehension activities are you planning to incorporate for the year? My principal is going to be looking for “products” to come out of workstations. I am also a bit concerned about how the students will know what to do for the products that require them to actually read what to do. I love the popsicle stick idea but just wonder how realistic it will be because they can’t read it.

    Thanks for your time!

    1. Hello! We plan to make comprehension a priority throughout these units. As far as the sticks go, these are teacher modeled during big books and read alouds. Eventually they will also be used during small group guided reading. Finally, when ready students can take it to the next level and try them out during read to self.

  2. I just purchased your Lit Kit for August/September, your August/September first grade math centers, journals and printables and your Rise and Shine Binder! I am so excited! I have taught for four years in third grade but am moving to first grade this year and ready to start fresh! Looks like my husband will be doing a lot of cutting in the upcoming days! Question, did you laminate everything?! I assume the answer is yes but with it being mostly at my own expense laminating is a luxury 🙂 Thanks so much for your awesome products and keep sharing your great ideas! I love your blog!

  3. I purchased this a while back and never printed it. I am ready now! How do you organize/store these for student use. I planned to put them in clear binder pages for storage?

  4. Great ideas. You are so talented. Would like to enquire about using your ideas but adapting it and translating it to another language for use in my own classroom. Is there any way that we could communicate other than on this platform. Thank you kindly

  5. I love you LEARN rotation board for literacy centers. How do you decide which activities to put into the LEARN categories? I see you have “Centers” and “Lit Logs” and “Comprehension”. How do you incorporate them into LEARN? Thank you!