Looking for new, engaging ways to teach math to young students? Tunstall’s Teaching Tidbits provides helpful math resources in the field with many hands-on learning opportunities.

From professional development workshops to essential teaching resources, this is where you can find a whole new outlook on math instruction.

Professional Development

Math Professional Development title page

Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant offer tailored sessions that help educators expand math teaching practices and develop mathematical thinking. Sessions are available for half days and full days. Zoom workshops are also available.

Especially in K-5 math teaching resources, these workshops provide a personal touch that actively demonstrates methods to engage and reach students.

Each workshop focuses on the primary concerns of educators in the session. Common topics include the following:

  • Math Block Design and Framework
  • Math Instruction and Research-Based Practices
  • Standards-Based Lesson Planning
  • Differentiation, Intervention, and Assessment of Small Groups
  • Management, Behavior, and Routines
  • Workstation Management and Choices
  • Math With Technology
  • Reflection and Growth

Guided Math AMPED

Guided Math AMPED book

Written by Reagan Tunstall, this essential among K-5 math teaching resources helps educators rethink their math blocks. It expands the general approach perspective to help teachers fund customizable approaches that cater to the uniqueness of their students.

Developed through decades of experience and heavily focused on evidence-based research, Guided Math AMPED walks teachers through math learning in five essential steps.

Additional Resources

Looking for more K-5 math learning resources? We aim to provide as many tools and educational resources as possible to aid educators in every way possible.

Our blog is filled with resources and teaching tools  covering the latest in educational research and early learning.

You can also find a repository of curricula and instructional materials  created by Reagan Tunstall and Kristina Grant.

Meet Reagan & Kristina

Placed across the hall from each other in 2009, Reagan and Kristina found that their differences in both personality and teaching style were a perfect combination to sharpen and inspire growth through a lasting friendship inside and outside the classroom.

Fourteen years later, with hundreds of professional development sessions provided together and over 300,000 five-star reviews from educators, they continue to inspire colleagues around the country.


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